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TradeNAIRA: New feautures coming soon / Send us your suggestions and feedback

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Thank you for signing up to TradeNAIRA

Our platform is new, but always improving. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we can become better!

We are having our soft Launch this coming week...

We are launching in the coming week and already have funds available to buy on our platform now ($25,000, £5,000, €5,000). We are also encouraging our members to start putting up their currency for sale too.


These Features will be rolled out shortly over the next few weeks:

1) Trading floor quick tutorial before sign up.

2) Redesign depost and withdrawal process.

3) New blog page.

4) Daily rate updates sent to users each morning.

5) Send and receive funds between TradeNAIRA users ***

6) Mobile friendly display.

7) Bug fixes.

We also have a set of long-term features that we hope will dramatically transform the user experience and capability of our product. Stay tuned...

Send us your ideas!! 

Please send us any ideas or feedback in response to this email (or send an email to support@tradenaira.com). You could win  $100 free credit for a any good ideas and we may add your suggestion as a feature for development soon.

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