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Nigerian Govt: Schools to Resume on Jan 18

The Nigerian government through its Ministry of Education has said the January 18 date for schools to continue isn't final. 

The public authority said another date may be reported relying upon the country's COVID-19 cases. 

The Minister of Education, Adamu, gave the clue on Monday in Abuja, at the joint public instructions of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19. 

The PTF in December 2020 had requested schools in the nation to stay shut until January 18. 

Mr Adamu stated, 

When we decided on that date, it was just a target toward what we are working on.

“’Of course we are keeping it in view and looking at what is happening in the society and then it is supposed to be subject to constant review.

“’Even today at the PTF meeting, we looked at the rising figures and thought we should probably take another look at it. On the Jan.18, 2021 date for schools resumption, we are reviewing it,

He also added that the issue was considered at the PTF meeting hung on Monday and the service would take it up on Tuesday. 

The quantity of dynamic instances of the viral disease continues to flood for as long as couple of days, a circumstance that has become worry to the public authority and the populace. 

While the nation is yet to obtain any vaccines against the infection, specialists have kept on encouraging Nigerians to stick carefully to the securely conventions prior illustrated by the WHO and NCDC to shorten its spread.


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