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Media & Music1 posts

Olamide's most recent single 'Rock' is the main single from his impending collection 'UY Scuti' which is set to drop this June. 

Nigerian craftsman Olamide has delivered his most recent single "Rock" with the going with music video. The track is quick to be included on his impending collection which is expected to be delivered on June 14. The 10-track project, named UY Scuti after one of the biggest known red stars, is the development to his 2020 collection Carpe Diem which incorporated the raving success, "Limitlessness" highlighting Omah Lay, just as a few other remarkable craftsmen including Bella Shmurda, Phyno, Bad Boy Timz, Peruzzi and Fireboy DML. 

"Rock" is a smooth and coquettish minimal number that stays consistent with Olamide's particular sound. It's absolutely a smooth jam you'll have rehashing again and again on your different playlists – trust us. 

Portraying the track in his own words, Olamide says that, "The tune is saying my woman doesn't need to do an excessive amount to dazzle me — I love you as of now." He proceeds to add, "It's communicating what a person would sing to a young lady to give her certainty. I'm telling the ladies out there that, if a man really adores you, you don't need to get carried away to satisfy him." 

The music video, coordinated by the skilled Nigerian producer and music video chief, Clarence Peters, is a murky mashup of seriously arranged scenes, disco-propelled colors and what has all the earmarks of being a hurricane relationship really taking shape between notable artist Soliat Bada and Olamide himself. The visuals precisely depict both the exotic energy and wicked expectations passed on in the verses of the actual track. 

Talking about his forthcoming twelfth studio collection and how he came to pick its strange title, he says, "I picked UY Scuti for the title since this venture is route greater than anything I've at any point done previously." He finishes off by saying, "From the imagination, the measure of work that went into the task, the cycle, it's simply another Olamide inside me."

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